Please, only apps built using Pythonista

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Free Pythonista Made Apps

App Name Description
Wormy Drawing Wormy Drawing makes it super easy for anyone to create colourful pictures
Velocity Run Velocity Run is an original game where you tilt your device to move a red square around on the screen
Boxscape A fast paced game of skillful reaction and awesome bonus characters
Third Law Your every action has an equal and opposite reaction
Black & White A colourful and challenging grid-based puzzle game
Stacked - Arcade Game Stacked is a fun, casual game based on the gameplay of the popular arcade game "Stacker"

Paid Pythonista Made Apps

App Name Description
Servr Servr is the simplest way to run a multipurpose web server from your iPhone or iPod touch
Hotspotsystem vouchers RESTful API client app for
QNH Give essential informations to pilots, like the weather report and airport information